Monte Cristo have today announced that Fire Chief will finally get a release on the PC this Summer.


The game was announced last year under the title of Fire Department, but has since seen a number of improvements to the game engine, along with localisation of the clothing and vehicles to match those of the UK's Fire Brigade.

Action takes place across ten missions and 34 levels burning warehouses, forest fires, explosions at petrol stations and other disasters which are endangering both lives and property, and require the skill of your fire fighters to extinguish the flames, saving as many lives as possible.


Monte Cristo have worked with an international consultant to ensure the tasks are as realistic as possible, and that all six of the distinct jobs offered in the game match those of a real life fire fighter - from basic fire fighting to technical officers and paramedics. In fact the only thing your willing team of fire fighters won't do is go out on strike demanding more pay.

Vehicles can also be selected to help aide the prompt fire fighting, and help you find your way around obstructions by means of using a range of fire engines such as ladders, pumps and tankers


Each country in the game has it's own set of vehicles and fire fighters, along with victim behaviour and water supply techniques, offering a varied view of fire fighting.

Fire Chief is due for release on the PC in June, and we hope to have a full review nearer the time.

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