Monte Cristo Games have announced that they've slipped in to yellow trousers and been polishing their firemens boots to prepare for their release of Fire Department on the PC this November.


Gameplay revolves around six main firefighting roles, from a basic fireman who puts out small fires and uses an axe to break up obstructions, to desincarcerators who deal with the raging fires, and workers in specialist clothing to deal with spillages and more dangerous situations.

Other playable characters include nurses who deal with injured people, engineers who close off gas valves and deal with mechanical objects, and finally commandos who deal with making their way past the larger obstructions and deal with fallen buildinds in earthquakes.

screen screen

During your course of duty in Fire Department you'll get to deal with a number of scenarios which test your skills, such as explosions at a service station, fire in a warehouse, inner-city fires and earthquakes.

A number of shiney red fire engines are available to let you deal with the tasks, including aerial ladders, pumps, water towers, and medical vehicles. Medals are awarded based on courageous work, and you're given a limited time and amount of resources during each event, and get medals for the most lives that you can save.

screen screen

Fire Department is due to jump in to it's firefighters uniform and set alarm bells ringing when it gets it's shout to the local burning PC towers this November, priced at 29.99 and published by Monte Cristo.