Virgin Interactive have unveiled a next generation first-person arcade adventure, called Maelstrom.


Maelstrom, which is being billed as "a stunning combination of first-person shooter and space combat" is due for release this winter on the PlayStation 2, and other next-gen consoles during 2002.

Players get to join one of two warring pirate bands battling for control of deep space. Starting off with dogfights around convoys of dreadnoughts in combat fighters, and once the vessels are raided, players will get to battle against enemy troops.

screen screen

The game features 20 missions, and an additional multiplayer maps will also be available, using split screen mode on PlayStation 2, and online for the Xbox.

As can be seen from the early screens on this page, the title is looking as though it will take full advantage of the next generation consoles, and should provide something to please both space combat and FPS action fans alike.