Sega have confirmed October 21st as the kick-off date for Football Manager 2006, and have released a new demo to give a taster of the new features which the latest version introduces.


An impressive 34 new features have been worked in to the game by developer Sports Interactive since the previous Football Manager launched last year, including bar graphs which give an at-a-glance view of player stats as an alternative to the traditional numerical listings, whilst finance graphs give you an idea of your available funds.

Managing your team so they don't get booked will see a new "Fair Play" aspect come in to play, giving top-flight clubs extra places in continental competitions, whilst player height and weight statistics, team-wide tactic changing, and a new two-player comparison screen make up just a few of the other gameplay improvements which have been implemented.

Football Manager 2006 is due for release on the PC on October 21st, with an Xbox 360 and PSP versions following later this year, and you can download the "Gold Demo" from the official website.