Infogrames have today announced that they're going to publish a sequel to the fantastic RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Chris Sawyer's smash hit, and quite possibly one of the most time consuming PC games we've played in the past few years, is due to see a number of upgrades, including totally new rides and rollercoasters.

Other new features will include a "tuned ride creation system" which will allow for greater control when building both coasters and placing scenery. A whole new selection of shops and park themes are being created, meaning that there will be many more totally new items which can be placed across your parks, in an effort to get people in to your theme park, and spend their well earned money, going away with smiley faces - and hopefully not throwing up after being on your largest coaster.

The first version of the game sold over 4 million copies in the USA alone since it's release in 1999, and was followed by two add-on packs, and fans always said that they'd like to create their own scenarios, so in RCT2 a scenario editor will be included, allowing gamers to develop their very own challenges in their dream park.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is due to open the park gates, and welcome the screaming kids by the coaster load, this Autumn - as soon as we hear any more details, or get the first screenshots, we'll let you know.