SCi revealed FourFourTwo Touchline Passion to the public during Stuff Live in London last week, and we got to take a look at what's quite possibly the most involving football management simulator we've ever seen.


The first thing that you instantly notice about Touchline Passion is that it's much more than a stat-heavy text based game - you get to see the matches in action, in full 3D, and you get interviewed by ITV Sports Gabby Logan as you sneak back down the tunnel to the dressing room, which is a novel touch to the game. You'll also face a barrage of questions from the press, and your answers will affect the way the players, fans, media, and the chairman view you.

Several game modes make up the simulation, ranging from free play and career mode, to a classic mode which puts you back in time to the early eighties. Terry Venebals has also selected his 20 greatest club sides for the Legends Mode, which means you can try your hand at managing teams like 'Busby Babes' against current day European champion teams.


There's also the choice of who you play as - either the club manager setting everything from hot dog prices to the facilities such as new stands. If you'd prefer to concentrate on just the team though you can play as the coach, and get them in to shape in an attempt at making them get the winning results that see your team to the top of the league.

Your squad can be sent to a training camp, and can practice all the important moves before the game, and if they start to play badly you can shout at them during the match from the touchline in an effort to pull them back in to shape. Before each match you can also give some final tactics in the changing room and get your team inspired and their moral up enough to help boost their game.


Gameplay is much more involving and generally enjoyable than other football management titles which might spring to mind meaning it should appeal even if you're not keen on normal football management games, and made all the more fun with up to four players competing against each other to prove who's best.

Four Four Two Touchline Passion is due for release on October 11th, and we're hoping to have a full review soon.

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