Digital Jesters have confirmed that The Moment of Silence has been delayed until November, simply to allow developer House of Tales enough time to cram in yet more action to the epic four-disc adventure.


The Moment of Silence sees gamers assuming the role of Peter Wright - a communications designer who is working on the Government's "Freedom of Speech" campaign, but soon drawn in to a tale of corruption, power and global domination when his neighbour's flat is stormed by a SWAT team, leaving Peter to piece together the puzzle and find out why.

Despite what might initially sound a slightly tenuous storyline, TMOS develops in to a high-tech espionage thriller, with action taking place in some 75 key locations, with more than 500 interactive screens and 35 speaking 3D characters - some 8 hours worth of professional voice acting is claimed to be included in the game alone, alongside 30 minutes of full screen story-setting video.

More details about the game can be found on the Moment of Silence website, where Digital Jesters are currently giving away three wireless spy cameras in a special competition.