Microsoft's Xbox 360 is set to get a new Xbox Live Arcade title released every Wednesday during this summer, starting off today with the 25-year-old retro classic Frogger.


Gamers around the world will be able to download a new title from the Xbox Live Marketplace at 8am GMT each and every Wednesday during the next couple of months, with a number of arcade classics being joined by totally new creations developed especially for the Xbox 360.

Titles already in the pipeline for the month ahead include Cloning Clyde on July 19th, Galaga on July 26th, the eagerly awaited Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting on August 2nd, and the hugely addictive Pac-Man on August 9th.

Each of the titles will feature new Xbox 360 upgrades including enhanced artwork and new soundtracks, and with Xbox Live Arcade split screen online multiplayer introducing the likes of Co-op vs Speed, and Head-to-Head modes to games which were about long before many gamers would have even dreamed of the ability to play online - yet alone against someone on the other side of the world.