SCi Entertainment announced yesterday that they had signed the game publishing rights to Twentieth Century Fox TV series Futurama.

The deal will see Futurama, the follow up to Matt Groening's hugely popular TV series The Simpsons, published on PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube - titles will be published by SCi in 2003, with Fox Interactive dealing with the North American market.

Swedish based UDS will develop the 3D action adventure, set in the sci-fi universe of the Futurama TV series. UDS are well known for their previous title "Worlds Scariest Police Chases" which launched on the PlayStation last year.

Players will get to take control of the three main characters, Fry, Bender and Leila, on an adventure from Planet Express right around the galaxy. The game will feature a storyline specially written by the TV show's scriptwriter and producer, J. Stewart Burns, and is said to be well in to development.

A specially designed cartoon rendering engine has been developed to capture the look and feel of the TV series, and UDS hope that this will give a real feeling for the game, making it feel almost as close to playing real episodes from the show.