Virgin Interactive have announced that they're bringing the high octane racer Downforce, to the Game Boy Advance.


Being a shrunk down version of the PS2 title, Downforce's features are mainly the same, and the basis behind the game is that a number of FIA drivers have become irritated by the strict rules and limitations of their sport, and have a thirst for some more exciting racing which really pushes both the driver and car to the limit.

screen screen

Racing takes place in highly modified F1 cars which not only go faster, but provide for more exciting racing, and none of the dull precessions that you get from your average grand prix, and with the races taking place in tight city streets including Tokyo and Las Vegas, there's little room for you to make an error in your driving.

screen screen

Downforce is due for release on the GBA on May 17th, and gets it's PS2 release on May 3rd.

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