Nintendo announced last week that they will offer the first 400,000 Game Boy Advance SP owners in Europe a 30 discount off the price of a Gamecube.

The promotion is being run in an attempt to boost sales of the Gamecube, and also provide that extra reason for new Game Boy Advance SP owners to also invest in the Gamecube so they can play games which feature the GBA-GC connectivity feature such as Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

As part of the launch celebrations Nintendo are also hosting and exhibition called "Pockets", which will feature various aspects of pockets in fashion and film, along with a look at pocket sized gadgets, and obviously a whole section dedicated to the Game Boy Advance SP.

Everything from the early use of pockets in clothing, with an introduction from Wayne Hemingway and how they have evolved in to their current form in clothing such as cargo pants. A further section of the exhibition will detail the contents of the pockets of people such as Kurt Cobain and Abraham Lincoln.

The free exhibition takes place between March 28th and April 4th at 51 Poland Street, London.

Nintendo's tiny new Game Boy Advance SP launches on March 28th, and you can pre-order yours now from Amazon.

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Nintendo announce Game Boy Advance SP