Virgin Interactive are set to bring the boot-iful game of football to the Game Boy Advance later this year, when European Super League gets it's boots on and comes running out onto the pocket sized pitch.

screen screen

European Super League will be the first football game on Nintendo's new handheld machine, and will feature both a top-down view in the style of the old Sensible Soccer games, and also a more modern isometric view.

Controlability of the game is said to be instantly 'pick-up-able', so you won't spend ages trying to work out how to pass the ball and failing miserably each time.

screen screen

Sixteen of the top European teams including AC Milan, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Inter Milan will be playable, all of which are licensed, with the correct players, badges, kits and stadiums.

We'll be bringing further details of European Super League nearer to it's release, which is due to be during September 2001.