Nintendo have today announced that they're to launch a peripheral which will let you play some 1000 Game Boy games on your Gamecube.

Gamecube Game Boy Player

Game Boy Player as the device will be known, will let you play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games via your Gamecube on a television screen, and can use either the Gamecube control pad, or from the GBA by way of linking it via a GBA link cable.

The one inch thick platform fits on to the bottom of the Gamecube, and uses the high speed dataport on the underside of the machine to transfer the data between cartridge and console.

Multiplayer gameboy games will also be supported, with player one seeing the action on the television screen, and other players seeing the action on their own GBA screen.

"Game Boy Player means that you can now see your favourite Game Boy games larger than life. With over 1000 portable games to choose from, for the first time you can play classic titles like Tetris, or the brand new Metroid Fusion at home on your TV screen" said Nintendo of Europe's Managing Director, David Gosen.

Game Boy Player should make it's way in to shops in Europe during 2003, with American and Japanese launches by the Spring of 2003.