The Game Boy Advance is set to get it's very own Action Replay cheats cartridge this summer, thanks to the masters of cheat codes, Datel.

Action Replay GBX comes preloaded with cheats for a number of Game Boy Advance games, but you can also add more using the special link cable and software which comes with the cartridge, allowing you to download the latest cheats off of the internet, and transfer them on to your cheat cartridge ready for use. The system also allows you to add cheats manually by usig the GBA control pad and fire buttons if you prefer.

The Action Replay GBX cartridge and link cable will be available from July, and will retail for 29.99

Extra codes will be made available on the CodeJunkies website, Codejunkies hotline, and also in GBX Magazine.

The new magazine features a montly video showing off some of the latest GBC and GBA titles, and the largest collection of cheat codes for the GBX cartridge. GBX Magazine will be in newsagents priced at 2.99 from June 14th.