Nintendo have revealed some details of their E3 GameCube lineup, on their special E3 website.

Amongst the titles which Nintendo have announced, are that of Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, which begins with Fox's discovery of a magical staff soon unfolds into an epic adventure spanning the length and breadth of this shattered world. Players will battle enemies, fly Arwing missions, ride on the backs of enormous dinosaurs, and team up with a new sidekick, Prince Tricky.


Luigi's Mansion is also set to take the GameCube by storm, with some impressive visuals which will show just what the GameCube can do, and will find Mario's little brother in a nightmarish adventure. Luigi's night of fright takes place in a spectacular haunted mansion that is inhabited by ghostly apparitions. As Luigi searches for his missing brother, he enlists the aid of a paranormal researcher who is adept at capturing pesky and malicious ghosts.

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Super Smash Bothers returns to the GameCube after the massive success which the title had on the N64 - new features of the game will include a new one-player mode, rules that can be bent, battered and broken and even several mystery modes, such as the Homerun Contest.

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There appears to be a good selection of games on show from Nintendo at E3, and it really does look like GameCube will be the star of this years show - we'll bring you all the news from LA as soon as it's announced, and if you want more GameCube screens and game info, then check out which also has movies of some of the games in action.

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