Game On, the computer games exhibition at the Barbican in London, has opened it's doors.

The show, which runs until September 15th at the Barbican Centre in London, before moving on to Scotland, features numerous rooms containing everything from early arcade games and home consoles, right up to current day machines including the Xbox and Gamecube.

Visitors get to see the stages involved in making and marketing games, how various cultures from around the world have had their effect on games with the Manga influence from Japan, and sports and military style games which are popular in Europe and the USA.

Other features of the exhibition include the relationship between games and the cinema, such as Goldeneye and Star Wars, and how characters like Mario and Sonic have become household names.

There's also a chance to see future technology such as Vectrex Imager, Nintendo Powerglove, and Virtual Reality headsets. Special events including talks and screenings of films will be shown in the Barbican Cinema on specific dates during the exhibition, with a final talk entitled "The End of Play" on September 7th, which will see the future of gaming discussed by top industry speakers.

bookTo accompany the exhibition, Laurence King have published a book titled "Game On: The History and Culture of Videogames", which is due for release on June 1st, and features nearly 150 pages of information from some of the industries most respected names, covering topics including how videogaming has changed over the years, the influences and major events, along with numerous screenshots, classic characters, and conceptual artwork - we'll have a special review of the excellent book soon.

For more details about the exhibition, and to book tickets, visit or phone the Barbican box office on 020 7638 8891.

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