Nintendo have launched their latest hand held machine in Japan, the Gameboy Advance.

It is believed that 2.7 million people pre-ordered the machine before it's launch, totally overwhelming the supply levels that Nintendo had predicted.

Queues built up outside stores in Tokyo's electronics district in the hours before the launch, with people eager to get their hands on the sleek new 32-bit device.

Nintendo hopes to build on the success of their Gameboy, which sold over 100 million units, and caused a world wide stir in the handhelds market.

GamesPaper will bring you further coverage of the Gameboy Advance launch titles over the next few days..

European launch date announced

Meanwhile Nintendo have confirmed that June 22nd will be the European launch date for the handheld machine. There will also be some top titles at the Euro launch, including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2, and Super Mario Advance.

No price has been set for the Gameboy Advance yet, but a price of around the 80 mark seems likely. The launch is only three months away, better get saving those pennies!

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