We can reveal that Nintendo's "live webcast" on Monday at 9am will announce that the Gamecube will launch on May 3rd, and will retail at 249 Euros.

Nitendo Europe's MD, David Gosen will make a webcast from nintendogamecube-europe.com - the webcast has a purple background, with a Gamecube logo in the top left corner, and a purple Gamecube standing on a clear podium to the right of the screen.

The webcast comments on the widespread rumours which had at one point said that the machine would not launch until September or October.

Gosen then will go on to say about what makes the Gamecube unique, including features such as the fact that the GBA can be used to control the Gamecube, and transfer data between the two machines.

Twenty launch titles, including two exclusive first party titles of Luigis Mansion and Waverace Blue Storm.

Third party titles on launch day include Road to World Cup, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, Batman, Crazy Taxi and Burnout, with exclusive third party titles including Star Wars Rogue Sqaudron, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, with Resident Evil shortly after launch.

During Quarter 2 and 3 of 2002, the Gamecube will see the releases of Super Smash Bro's Melee (May 24), NBA Courtside, Pikmin (June 14), and Starfox Dinosaur Adventures in Quarter 3, with over 50 titles available by end of summer 2002.

The final retail prices are dependent on the actual retailer, but Nintendo expect the unit to retail at 249 Euros, which is a touch over 150.

Gamecube - official Euro launch FACTS:
Launch date: May 3rd
Launch price: 249 Euros (about 150 to 175 - depending on retailers and the exchange rate)
Launch titles: Around 20 titles
Number of units: 1 million (across Europe)

We'll bring further coverage of the "live" webcast on Monday, but you'll not learn much more from the webcast than you've already read.. we know.. we've seen it.

Gosen ends the webcast with the comment that he hopes 2002 will be "The year of the cube".