It'd appear that games publisher Codemasters have canned the development of all their future Gamecube titles, and are instead focussing on other platforms instead.

All references to Gamecube have been removed from the website, with the format totally removed from the drop down menus, release dates and from what we can tell all of the games which were under development.

No official comment about the situation has come from Codemasters yet about why they're dropping the Gamecube, if indeed they are at all, but if the platform has been dropped then it'll be seen as a major blow to Gamecube owners.

Gamecube saw relatively poor pre-Christmas sales due to a lack of major new releases and also Nintendo failing to launch any special promotions in the UK on the run up to what's usually the best period for sales, which was seen by many as a vital flaw in the marketing of the console.

Update: We've received an official statement about the situation, which is that "Codemasters can confirm that there are no GameCube editions of current titles in development. However, Codemasters constantly reviews the opportunity and viability of developing and publishing GameCube editions of any console title planned".

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