Nintendo of Europe have this morning announced that the price of the Gamecube will be cut by 50 Euros, in a somewhat suprise price cut, which appears to have been spured on by Microsoft's slashing of the Xbox price last week.

The price change will see the machine launching on May 3rd, at 199 Euros, which works out to be 129, although it seems likely that some retailers may charge up to 139, much like with other recent console launches which have seen a slightly higher UK price.

David Gosen, Nintendo of Europe's Managing Director, said "This is a very strong offer for consumers and one that we believe will ensure Nintendo's success across Europe".

It seems likely that Sony will have to announce a Europe-wide PS2 price cut, now that both of the "rival" consoles have had price drops which place both of the newest machines cheaper than a year old PlayStation 2.

Gamecube launches on May 3rd, and you can pre-order yours now, at, who have both purple and black consoles available, along with a full range of titles and accessories.

So far all retailers that we have contacted have made no changes to their pricing of the console, with them only finding out about the price change this morning, and some store staff not even being notified of the change by their head office as yet.

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