After Dixons cut the price of Gamecube last week, it was inevitable that other retailers would follow, and there were rumours that Argos was in-line to follow Dixons lead.

gamecube console

In fact catalogue shop Argos have gone even further, by slashing the price of the console to 78.99 (over 20 less than Dixons), and for a limited time even giving a free game and memory card with each Gamecube purchased.

Not only does this mean that Gamecube will be selling for 50 less than it's RRP, but also you'll be getting somewhere in the region of 50 worth of kit thrown in for free.

It's not known if Argos plan to discontinue the Gamecube from their catalogue, but it does seem that they're making an attempt to ensure they shift their current stocks before making a decision as to it's future.

Sales of the Gamecube, which launched last May, have been poorer than many retailers had expected, which has resulted in massive price cuts being placed on both Gamecube hardware and software in what is thought by many to be a last ditch attempt to save the console.

We're expecting other retailers to reduce their prices over the next few days, and will let you know what bargains we spot, and even if Nintendo react by setting an official new price point for the machine.

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