The 2003 Stuff Live show took part at the Olympia exhibition centre in London recently, and GamesPaper went along to take a look.

Stuff Live 2003 - Olympia, London. Photo copyright GamesPaper

Main games related feature was the Pocket Stuff section sponsored by Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP, and showcased a number of miniaturised gadgets from the GBA SP itself, mobile phones, PDA's, to a miniature printer with a footprint not much bigger than a postcard.

Across the showfloor Sony's PlayStation 2 simulator ride was in action, Microsoft had a number of Xbox demo pods with new releases on show, and Hertfordshire based Widget were letting gamers experience their Pyramat Interactive PM300, which makes sound from your console travel through the seating which you lay on.

Stuff Live 2003 - Olympia, London. Photo copyright GamesPaper

Worlds Smallest PC had a range of small PC's on show, including the Mini-PC-xx which features an Intel Pentium 4 processor, 64mb graphics, and everything you'd expect from a traditional full sized desktop machine.

Although the Mini-PC-xx isn't designed to be a full games machine the demonstration unit showed off that it can easily manage, and priced at around £600 makes it a serious contender for those lacking in space.

Stuff Live 2003 - Olympia, London. Photo copyright GamesPaper

Nokia’s soon to be released N-Gage gamedeck was suprisingly not on show to the public, with no demonstration pods to be found. It was however locked away behind a glass wall on a podium, where it’d won the runner-up prize in the Stuff Best Mobile awards, which also saw Nintendo’s GBA SP coming as runner-up to Apple’s iPod in the best handheld gadget category.

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