GamesPaper has turned the grand old age of five years old today, and has suddenly brought home the realisation that half a decade has passed since we launched... Where has the time gone?!

Happy fifth Birthday to GamesPaper

Since March 16th 2001 we've seen consoles come and go, covered a huge amount of news, and attended several UK tradeshows including ECTS, Game Stars Live, European Games Network and last year Games Market Europe. No doubt the next five years will see even more frantic activity, with the recent arrival of both Sony's PSP and Microsoft's Xbox 360 in the past year, and the imminent arrival of the PlayStation 3 set to keep us busy.

During those five years since the launch we've seen the face of gaming change - it's moved from a predominantly Living Room based pastime to one where people play against friends from around the world - initially via the slow dial-up modem in the Dreamcast five years ago, to high speed broadband on the Xbox 360 now. There's also been the jump to widescreen High Definition TV, bringing sharper, more detailed and immersive gaming experiences.

Wireless networking built in to handheld devices such as the PSP and Nintendo DS has introduced the ability to play games and access other media over the internet, almost anywhere you are - even at a coffee shop or railway station - whilst mobile phone games have also come on leaps and bounds as handsets have got more technically advanced and developers have realised that people really want gaming "on the move".

Recent months have also seen the launch of our sister-site GadgetsPaper, which sees the same team behind GamesPaper covering the latest news and developments in the world of consumer electronics, gadgets, mobile phones and other useful gizmos. Later in the year we hope to introduce further new topics to our network of sites - but for now all we can say is watch this space!

As with previous years, we'd like to say a huge "Thank You" to you, our loyal readers, and we hope you'll still be here in another five years time when we'll be celebrating a decade of GamesPaper.