GamesPaper is four years old today, and to celebrate we're currently finishing off a new look for the site which is due to be unwrapped over the next few days - whilst remaining largely similar to how it has been since launching on Friday March 16th 2001.

birthday cake

In keeping with the "paper" theme, the site will look more like a newspaper with some common features - such as cropmarks and colourspots - which are seen on everything from local freepapers to the well known tabloids and broadsheets right around the globe.

The past year was a busy one for GamesPaper, which saw us reporting direct from GameStars Live and ECTS with our improved GamesPaper Direct, using cameraphones and an automatic message processing system which allowed us to not only post photos (as we did in 2003!) but also text captions, giving more details of what the photo was about and reporting news - all "as it happens" rather than hours after the event.

Further improvements to the GamesPaper Direct service are planned for the forthcoming year where we hope to offer an even more enjoyable experience of the London-based tradeshows, along with a number of other new features which are planned for the site during the coming months, including a much-requested subscribers newsletter.

The next year should see a number of major new arrivals in the world of gaming, including the official revealing of both the Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3, the release of Sony's PSP in Europe sometime this year, whilst Gizmondo launches in the UK later this week hot on the heels of Nintendo's DS which launched just before the weekend - and that's just the hardware, not to mention the hundreds of new games which we can expect to see.

Most of all we'd like to say a massive "Thank You" to our readers for getting us this far, and here's to at least another four successful years!