GamesPaper is two years old this weekend, and to celebrate the fact we're launching the first of a number of new services, as part of the expanding GamesPaper which is set to grow and grow during the next twelve months.

GamesPaper - 2 years old!

Coinciding with our birthday (and also the official start of Xbox Live in the UK) we're launching a whole new section on GamesPaper, in the form of Broadband Gaming - with guides to getting the most out of Xbox Live, PlayStation Network Gaming, Gamecube Online and multiplayer online gaming via your PC, along with links to the best videos and demos of new games that you can download.

There's no doubt that broadband is going to be a major feature of gaming during the next 12 months, and where slow dial-up gaming never really took off, it's high speed version really could take off and introduce gamers to the fun of playing games against people from around the world. The section will grow to include hints and tips to ensure your broadband gaming experience is as good as it can get, and we will be covering all of the major news to make sure you're kept up to date with everything important that happens in the world of broadband gaming.

So, to look back at the past 12 months - it's been a very busy one, which has gone in a flash - we've seen the launches of Microsoft's Xbox and the Nintendo Gamecube, and as with all new console launches, there was the inevitable price war which followed (although the Gamecube got it's price adjusted before it'd even been released), and the past year has been more than rife for price cuts.

We're really looking forward to the next year, which should prove very exciting for GamesPaper - there's plenty of big things planned for the site, including new content sections, and some new services - but more about those nearer the time! Happy 2nd birthday to us!

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