Cryo Interactive have announced that they are to bring the cult vampire film From Dusk Till Dawn, to the PC.


The game is based on Robert Rodriguez's 1996 film, and has been developed for the PC by Gamesquad with the story for the game being written by the excellent Hubert Chardot of Alone in the Dark fame.

Gameplay will follow Seth Gecko inside a maximum security ghost-like floating prison-ship called The Rising Sun, who has 72 hours left before execution after being sentenced to death for crimes commited by his brother.

To avoid death, Gecko has to free the other prisoners and yourself by making your way from the bottom level to the top deck of the ship - doing so you come across numerous vampires, and have a large selection of weapons which you can use against them, including a riot gun, a nailing gun and a circular saw.

screen screen

50 cinematic cutscenes will be included in the game, which use the games 3D system and will provide a brief guide to the mission that they are required to complete.

From Dusk Till Dawn will be published by Acclaim, and is due to be unleashed on to the PC on Setember 7th.