Sony are to bundle a 1GB memorystick with the PlayStation Portable on the run up to Christmas, as part of a 214.99 limited edition PSP Giga Pack which is due to go on sale next month.

Sony PSP Giga Pack photo

The European PSP launched just over a month ago as a "Value Pack" for 179.99 with a 32MB memory card, and at only 35 more the new "Giga Pack" seems considerably better value, particularly when you consider that the retail price of 1GB duo pro's can be anywhere between 65 and 100 on the high street.

A transparent plastic stand and fairly vital USB lead will also be thrown in for good measure, although one item which appears to have been dropped from the bundle is the PSP wrist strap, which didn't really seem all that popular with British gamers anyway.

There is some good news for over a million European PSP owners who purchased the Value Pack since September 1st though, in the fact that PSP-branded 1GB duo pro card are due to be sold on their own from the start of November, although pricing seems likely to be more than 35 - especially when Sony makes a point of saying how the Giga Pack "offers exceptional value for money, at a price far lower than if consumers bought the PSP Value Pack and 1GB Memory stick separately".

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