Accessory manufacturer Radica have let us know that a PlayStation 2 arcade stick is about to hit the shops, after the success of the Xbox version.

PS2 Arcade Stick

Eight large action buttons and interchangeable stick handles are two of the main features on offer with the PS2 Arcade Stick. Analogue/Digital switching, two 32-move programmable buttons, and an ergonomic design which is said to cut down on the risk of wrist ache being other highlights for beat-em-up fans.

"The Xbox version achieved phenomenal reviews and became the must have peripheral for Dead or Alive" said Radica's Rob Goodchild, before going on to do a 32-move combo whilst excitedly shouting "we expect this take pride of place in every true gaming fan's hardware collection!".

The Gamester PS2 Arcade Stick is due for release this month, at a highly reasonable price of 24.99, and available from all the usual retailers.