Gizmondo is to receive a massive 100 price cut just weeks after it launched, due to a new Smart Adds service which is being launched next month.

Gizmondo device with example Smart Adds advert on screen

Smart Adds will see up to three TV style adverts delivered to owners machines per day, helping to bring down the cost of the handheld device from the original 229 to a more reasonable 129, whilst anyone that rushed out to get the device early can choose to upgrade and receive a voucher to get some free accessories.

The system is currently being trailed before the planned May 2nd launch date, and Tiger Telematics hope that it'll capture the minds of both advertisers and consumers alike - in fact they reckon you'll be saving your ads and showing them to friends, although for that to happen we'd imagine they're going to have some pretty impressive adverts.

Gizmondo's location based GPS feature will also be incorporated in to the Smart Adds giving directions and a map to the nearest retailer to buy the product, or the cinema which is showing a film you've just watched the trailer for. The ability to have a barcode on-screen giving special offers is also being touted by Gizmondo as a way of giving something back to gamers.

It's the first time that adverts have been delivered directly to a games machine and could prove interesting to see if it'll work with Gizmondo, possibly opening up the way for other manufacturers to reduce the price of games and consoles by getting suitable sponsors to have their product shown before each gaming session, or even as with the case of Sony's Everquest II the ability to order Pizza from within the game.

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