Revolution Software, developers of Broken Sword title, have announced that they are to bring Good Cop Bad Cop to next-gen consoles during the second half of 2002. The title is planned for release on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and a PC version is also planned.


Good Cop Bad Cop features Ben Kellman, and the game opens as Kellman discovers that a prime suspect in a murder case is the same man who killed his father 25 years ago. It's a momentary meeting of eyes that turns his world upside down.

Throughout Good Cop Bad Cop the morality of the player is judged and the gameplay and story mould themselves accordingly. One ending sees everything come right in the best Hollywood tradition. Another ending leads Kellman into the darkest meaning of revenge and while he may succeed in his quest, the price is his own morality.

screen screen

The game is currently functional, and the screens on this page were taken from the PlayStation 2 development kit that the title is being developed on, and from what we've seen so far, it's looking as though the graphics are pretty much what you could expect to see in a Hollywood movie, with advanced facial animation technology will ensure Good Cop Bad Cop features superb acting and characterisation to set it apart and make it real.