As some of you nightowls may have spotted already, GAME are running a special 24 hour sale, which started at midnight last night and runs until midnight tonight, July 24th.

The promotion is part of a national 24x7 shopping day, and has a fairly large number of leading online retailers all offering discounted products as part of the campaign to get people shopping online.

Highlights of the GAME sale during the early hours of the morning included Midnight Club II on the PS2 for 23, Yager on the Xbox for 21, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PS2 for 20.

Massive saving on final hour product
The sale on the GAME website saw Sony's SOCOM US Navy Seals with Microphone headset selling as the final item of the day, at a bargain price of just 1 - a massive saving over the RRP of 50.

However when we clicked on the buy button for SOCOM we received a message that An Introduction to Hong Kong Legends DVD was placed in the shopping basket instead, and this occurrence appears to have happened to other gamers who were trying to order the knock down priced PS2 title, which sold out within seconds of the final hour starting.

It is hoped that the National Internet Shopping Day will become a yearly event, and we'll bring further news of the retailers who are taking part in the next event, in 12 months time.

We have since heard from a GAME Order Administration Supervisor that some 400 customers tried to place orders for SOCOM US Navy Seals during the first three and a half minutes of the final hour of the sale, and that a mix-up in the product ID was why a DVD was listed in the shopping basket instead, with customers being contacted to confirm that SOCOM is indeed the correct product.

It also appears that those who wern't in the first 25 are being offered the game for a reduced price as a gesture of goodwill, although quite how orders could have been placed out of the 25 which were on offer seems unclear, and also somewhat unfair on those who didn't complete the order process because of the fact that the shopping cart showed the wrong product. A sticky situation for GAME to sort out, after what appears to have been a highly successful day of online shopping for many gamers.