The last week has seen speculation and rumour about the release of Halo 2 whipped up in to somewhat of a frenzy, with message forums and websites claiming that the game might be released this week.


Despite being scheduled for an April 2004 release in America for some time now, recent findings have led people to believe that the game could actually be released on November 15th - the second anniversary of both Xbox and Halo.

Screen captures of a "11.15" Xbox advert have been shown on a few sites, although there's some doubt on how official they are. More promising though is the fact that American retailer EB Games have reportedly placed Halo 2 as one of five games which can be bought before November 29th 2003 for only $9.99 when four other Xbox titles are traded in.

An official "staff wishlist" from one retailer also claims that Halo 2 will be available for Christmas 2003, whilst some message boards have people claiming that their local store has received Halo 2 point of sale materials such as standees and posters.

General opinion is that Microsoft may well be preparing for a massive Xbox announcement to coincide with the fact that Xbox is two years old this Friday.

We're not too sure what to make of the Halo 2 rumours, and chances are that it's all completely false rumours, but if anything is announced we'll let you know, here on GamesPaper.