Halo developer Bungie have confirmed that Halo and Halo 2 will be backwards compatible on the Xbox 360 console when it launches in a few weeks time, and that both games will also support HDTV offering higher resolution graphics.

Halo 2 running in HDTV mode on Xbox 360

Speculation about the uprated visuals had been rife on several Xbox websites in recent weeks, but has finally been confirmed on the Bungie website in a post looking back at Halo 2 exactly one year on from its Xbox release.

Both games will work on the Xbox 360 immediately and use the same original Xbox game disc as before, but will open up the ability to display the game in 720p widescreen with full scene anti-aliasing - whilst using exactly the same game code and textures which were in the original Xbox release.

Halo 2's online Xbox Live features will also work on the Xbox 360 in the same way as before, as will System Link and split-screen multiplayer on both titles, although it's not clear if a System Link between a combination of Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles is supported, or if you'll solely need a network of 360's.

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