Big Ben Interactive have confirmed that Headhunter will be coming to the Dreamcast in Europe. Their latest release schedule has the game down for release on November 16th.


90 Minutes
26th October
Propeller Arena
9th November
16th November
Virtua Tennis 2
23rd November
Floigan Brothers
23rd November
Shenmue 2
30th November
7th December

Phantasy Star Online 2, the follow-up to last years hit title, is due for release in Februrary 2002, although an exact date is still to be confirmed.

The confirmation of Headhunter's European release will be seen by Dreamcast owners as being great news after recent reports from America were that the title had been dropped in favour of a PS2 release.

Gamers can also look forward to "The Ultimate Dreamcast Pack", which features the console, controller, VMU, and three top games - for a mouth watering 99.99 from September 22nd.

You'll get full reviews of all the forthcoming Dreamcast titles as they are released, here on GamesPaper.

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