With Britain being swept by a heatwave in recent weeks and temperatures set to soar yet further in the coming months it'd appear that Archer Maclean's Mercury is getting ready to explode, with Ignition Entertainment announcing the aptly named sequel Mercury Meltdown.


An all new graphic style will give Meltdown a cel-shaded cartoon look and feel to more than 160 levels which will feature alongside Hidden Labs and Party games which help extend the gameplay by offering more than the standard tilting maze puzzles.

Ignition promise fairer game progression to prevent players from facing a sudden brick wall in the gameplay, and a tutorial mode to help give hints on how to achieve some of the more complicated scenarios, with further levels set to become available via the content download option which will feature in the title.


Mercury Meltdown is due to dribble its way on to the PSP this September, and more details about the game can be found on the official website.

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