Upcoming Darxabre release, Hooligans: Storm Over Europe has been hitting the headlines during the past few days, after it's football match based semi-spoof on football hooliganism has caused a bit of a ruckus.


Hooligans: Storm Over Europe, launched recently in Holland and Belgium, and was faced with resistance from larger chain stores who weren't prepared to stock the product - even so it went to number one in the sales charts, outselling Return to Castle Wolfenstein, The Sims - Hot Date and Black and White Creature Island.

Now industry organisation ELSPA have jumped on the bandwagon, protesting that "Hooligans is, therefore, not a game with which the UK games industry wishes to be associated, and we regard it as unfortunate that it has obtained distribution here, and in doing so, is tarnishing the responsible attitudes to game content adopted by all ELSPA members" - sounds like they're not too keen on it then.

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However the British Board of Film Classification, who have awarded Hooligans an 18 Certificate, appear to be backing the title, saying "this decision restores our faith in the British sense of fair play. Hooligans may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a cracking game, full of humour and gameplay and should be made available to the British public at the very least. I mean no one is forcing you to buy it, but to have choice is surely what you Brits are known for?".

It's interesting to note that Take 2's State of Emergency and Grand Theft Auto 3 (both of which are also 18 certificate) didn't cause similar media outrage when they were released recently, yet the original GTA title released several years ago caused concerned parents and groups to complain in their droves - boosting sales in the process.


Either way the title is likely to sell like hotcakes, especially since BBC News featured it on their 6pm National news, saying that Virgin Megastores would be stocking it - surely the best sort of advertising that Darxabre could have ever imagined, and definitely more likely to see sales rocket when Hooligans: Storm Over Europe gets it's release on the PC this Friday.

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