Virgin Interactive have released the first screenshots from Hunter: The Reckoning - their Xbox action horror title developed by Interplay.


Featuring over twenty environments based on the role-playing game from White Wolf, you'll come face to face with monsters disguised as normal people - except the hunters are able to see the zombies that are inside them.

The storyline behind the game "revolves around the idea that monsters are all around us, all the time, but the public are unaware of their existence." said a monster in disguise from Virgin Interactive. "Werewolf attacks are explained away as rogue bears in parks and a vampire's next feed is merely a statistic on the missing persons list"

screen screen

You'll be able to choose from four characters and play in either single or multiplayer game modes, with each character having their own special skills, moves and weapons to help them fight the undead.

Hunter: The Reckoning is due for release on the Xbox this June.