Codemasters have confirmed details of the multiplayer structure to IGI 2: Covert Strike.


Players will get to take part in a team-oriented multiplayer mode, which will have squads of up to eight players on each side, pitted against terrorist groups from around the globe.

New reconnaissance missions will feature in the multi-player mode, which Codemasters describe as being a blend of "stealth and surveillance with action and gunplay".

screen screen

Details of a system where you can buy your re-entry in to the game has also been announced, and sees the cost that you have to pay decrease as the time moves on, meaning you can either respawn in the game at a high cost, or tactfully bide your time so as you can re-enter and still have enough money left to buy specialised weapons.

IGI 2: Covert Strike is due for release on the PC this September.

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