Codemasters have announced that they are to release IndyCar Series 2005, with full head-to-head online racing on both Xbox and PlayStation 2.


Twelve players will be able to race against each other on the Xbox Live version of the game, whilst PlayStation 2 Network Gaming will allow for eight racers all nudging away at your car in an attempt to send you straight in to the concrete wall that menacingly rings the edge of IndyCar circuits.

A full IndyCar Series season will be possible with the 2005 version of the game, giving you the chance to take part as one of 33 drivers in events including Pole Day, Bump Day and the Race Day itself. New TV style commentary from ABC Sports commentators will also feature, nicely filling the gap in the presentation which we felt was missing from the original IndyCar Series game.

IndyCar Series 2005 is due for release on Xbox and PlayStation 2 this summer, which is only a couple of months after the May 28th release of Codemaster's forthcoming IndyCar Series 2004.

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