Far Cry was shown to a select few behind closed doors at E3 back in May under it's working title of X-Isle, and now Ubi Soft have confirmed that they're bringing it to the PC.


Making use of the stunning visual environments, physics and sound effects that the CryENGINE offers, Far Cry gets to immerse you in a highly realistic first-person-shooter that finds your character being abducted and taken to a group of islands in Polynesia.

Once there you'll find yourself fighting against highly trained and heavily armed opponents which have an enemy "team intelligence" that is unique to the games engine, allowing for more tactical elements and advanced AI that really tests your every move.

screen screen

"Considering the unique advanced technology, the amazing graphics and atmosphere of this new jewel, we have great expectations for this soon-to-be massive hit" said Ubi Soft's Alain Corre.

Far Cry is still some way off yet, with a release expected sometime during the second half of 2003 - as soon as we hear any more we'll let you know.