UK computer game specialist GAME and Electronics Boutique, have announced that they are to start selling pieces of gaming history, in the form of the Atari Jaguar, Lynx, and Sega's GameGear - seriously, this isn't a joke.


The selection of retro goodies that they have on offer, includes Atari Lynx at 34.99, Atari Jaguar at 29.99 - bargain when you consider how ahead of it's time the machine was - and the Sega GameGear for a hefty 44.99.

A selection of games are also available, including the popular Pit Fighter for the Lynx, Defender 2000 for the Jaguar, and even Wolfenstein 3D. If you are considering a Lynx or GameGear handheld though, beware that they're pretty battery heavy - much more so than a Game Boy Advance, so you'd be well advised to also pick up a power adapter at the same time, luckily Game also have these on offer.

console console

The prices aren't the cheapest they've been - in fact, prices seem to have gone up from the days of when shops were literally giving the machines away to clear stock - and more recently Telegames had a special offer on Jaguar consoles at ECTS in September where you could pick one up for just over 6 quid.

However, if your too young to remember what a Lynx or Jaguar are, or simply want to feel young again, then check out the retro selection that GAME have to offer, or on the EB website - Early indications are that they're selling well, so might be wise to get to your local EB or Game pretty sharpish.