Electronic Arts have revealed further details and screens of their James Bond title, which is set to woo the PlayStation 2 later this year.


James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire, will, according to EA "deliver a unique and complete action, stealth and driving experience that thrusts the player into the deceptive and exciting world of secret agent 007".

Playing as Bond, you have to defeat the evil criminal mastermind Malprace, who is the head of a terrorist organisation that wants one thing - to rule the world.

screen screen

screen screen

Gameplay takes place in more than 10 locations around the world, which each feature a number of missions and objectives. You can also choose your method of completing a level, from going at it guns-a-blazing with high tech weaponry, or using the skillful side of Bond's mind, and his state-of-the-art gadgets.

There is also a driving mode, which sounds as though it will build on the "007 racing" title, and is set to provide a further varied level of gameplay.

Agent Under Fire is due for release on the PlayStation 2 before Christmas, and further details will be available at E3 - we'll let you know everything that our spies can uncover.