Almost all of the initial launch batch of Sony's PlayStation Portable are said to have sold out - less than two days after the machine launched in Japan.

Sony shipped a fairly stingy 200,000 units to retail for the December 12th launch, and a very precise 171,963 units are said to have sold, according to researchers at Media Create.

Queues at some electronics retailers are said to have stretched to over 1,000 customers, which saw the typical all-night queues which have become synonymous with major hardware launches in Japan.

A further 300,000 units are expected to have found their way in to retail by the end of the month, although based on initial sales even this figure may not be enough with less than two weeks left before Christmas.

PlayStation Portable is set to be release in Europe during 2005, although Sony are yet to announce a launch date and pricing - retailers however seem more confident with a March 18th release and 178.99 price being claimed by who are already accepting pre-orders for the machine.

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