Bits Studios have announced that they're bringing the first Jet Ski title to the Game Boy Advance.


The game, called Jet Riders, sees the watery antics viewed from above in a style similar to Micro Machines.

Players get to control one of six Jet Ski's over 21 unique tracks, and can use the GBA link-up system to play against 3 Jet Ski riders, using just the one game cartridge.

screen screen

A number of race "modes" are available, including an all-out race where you've got to be the fastest player to complete the course, and a "stunt mode" where you get points for stunts and the player with the most points is the winner.

Jet Riders makes use of real-time water effects and animations to create the waves, and the 3D sprites allow for the movement and tricks to be shown off to their best.

A publisher and price are still to be announced, but a release is planned for early 2002.