MMORPG's seem to be all the rage at the moment, and the latest is a space combat strategy title called Jumpgate.


Action takes place in space, with up to thousands of other online pilots flying their space stations through sectors, and sounds like it's got similar gameplay to the web based Planetarion game, just with some fairly decent graphics, and you actually get to fly your craft.

If you're interested in Jumpgate, then you can head over to where you can download either a full 90mb version, or a slightly more modem friendly 40mb version, both of which have a free trial play period to let you see what the game is all about and decide if you want to subscribe.

As long as you have a Pentium II or more powerful PC, and at least a 56k connection then you should be able to play the game fine. The monthly subscription is charged in Euros though, so you won't be paying much to play as the Euro's worth about as much as a handful of penny sweets.