Cambridgeshire based Just Flight, have announced that they're set to release the very first flight simulator compatible photographic aerial maps of England and Wales, which have been developed in association with GetMapping and Visual Flight.

Alconbury, Cambridgeshire

The "VFR Photographic Scenery" add-on's are compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, and totally upgrade the visual experience of the simulator by texturing real photos of the country on to a 3D terrain mesh

Anyone who owns a copy of the England Photographic Atlas book which was made from the GetMapping photos will know the excellent quality and detail that can be seen from the aerial photos which cover the whole of England, with roads, rivers, railways, famous landmarks, shopping centres, factories, schools and even your house clearly visible - everything is there, not just the major landmarks.

VFR Photographic Scenery box

The photographic data was taken as part of GetMapping's Millennium Map, which saw the country photographed from aircraft flying at around 5000 feet, meaning the level of detail is much higher than satellite photographs can currently produce.

Commenting on the launch of the new products, Just Flight's Mungo Amyatt-Leir said "This will probably be the very first time they will be able to fly over their own street and landmarks. VFR has the potential for taking PC-based flight simulation to a wider audience than ever before. Flight sim enthusiasts will now have the opportunity to fly over an exact photographic recreation of England and Wales from the sky".

Isle of Dogs in London's Docklands

Scenery in built up areas such as towns and cities, such as when flying over the London Docklands is said to be best viewed at a height of above 2,000ft, but land with lower levels of natural scenery such as fields, sea and beaches can be flown over at much lower levels without the photographic quality appearing to be lower quality - you can of course fly at any height across the whole of England and Wales, and the photographic landscape remains in place.

Just Flight also plan to add to the range with photographic coverage of Scotland and Ireland at a later date, based on the GetMapping photographs which are being worked on during 2003.

Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Milford Haven

There are four VFR Photographic volumes available, each retailing at 29.99, and further details about the Just Flight range can be found at