Communications consultancy company, Kazoo, are launching the UK’s first agent for computer gamers.

Gamers will be able to take advantage of the growing sponsorship and endorsement opportunities available in computer gaming.

Roland Glover, Kazoo Director, said "Computer games are the new sport of the 21st century, and computer gamers are going to be the new sports stars. This is a massive new scene with a huge and passionate youth audience. These gamers are already well known for their skills and as games and tournaments grow in popularity we expect that gamers will one day have the high profile status of footballers. Companies will want to be involved in this as the brand opportunities are huge".

Top UK gamers will have the chance to become full time professionals. Through sponsorship and endorsements generated and handled by Kazoo they will be able to perfect their skills, travel the world and compete against the world’s best.

The UK’s biggest computer gaming event i7, will take place in Newbury from March 30th - April 1st and will feature over 850 of the best UK gamers battling it out for national recognition.