One of the major attractions at ECTS 2001 was the Kemco stand - not only did they have the only playable GameCube titles, but also an impressive range of GBA titles on show.

Universal Studios gc

Their Universal Studios title was playable on two GameCubes, and was attracting huge crowds - both to see the game in action, and to ogle over the tiny GameCube. The game attracted so much attention that it was voted Console game of the show by games journalists who had toured the show during the first day voting for the ECTS awards.

Mech Platoon gba Mech Platoon gba

Game Boy Advance titles made up the rest of the stand, with the fantastic Mech Platoon playable on several machines - the title is just like a shrunk down Starcraft, playing in a similar style to the popular PC title. Detail is impressive, with good animations on the units, and despite being quite small, they are easy to see what's what.

Mech Platoon is due for release during November 2001, and GamesPaper will be keeping a very close eye on the game, and hope to bring a full review as soon as we possibly can.

Phalanx gba Eggo Mania gba

Other popular GBA titles included Phalanx, which is a side-scrolling action shooter, where you get to control the Phalanx A-144 strike fighter equipped with state of the art weapons through a range of levels designed to test you to the limit.

Eggo Mania was also popular, and is similar to Tetris, but involves building a tower from the falling blocks to save the egg shaped characters from the rising water - leaving a gap in the platform makes the tower sink faster as the water seeps up through the floors of the platform.

Overall an impressive showing from Kemco, and much in line with the rest of the show, the Game Boy Advance was being championed as a machine which publishers are really interested in getting new and innovative titles out for.