Kemco announced that they were developing a Game Boy Advance TV tuner at E3, and we got to find out a tiny bit at ECTS earlier this month.


There's not a huge amount known about the TV Boy yet, other than that it provides a digital tuner (presumably not a digital tuner for digital tv broadcasts though?) and also a RCA jack to allow for camcorders and digital cameras to connect up with the GBA and use the screen as an external monitor.

The tuner acts as a stand, so you'll be able to angle the GBA screen and place it on your desk. The unit fits in to the cartridge slot of the machine, and presumably will need it's own power supply, so although it won't drain the GBA's batteries, it'll use it's own set, or require two plug sockets if you're plugging the GBA and tuner in on a desk.

Retail prices and release dates aren't know yet, neither are the choice of colours, with only an orange and white model shown in the 3D artwork. Hopefully a full range of matching colours will be launched so you can have a funky clear blue pocket TV, and games machine to watch on a long journey.

As soon as we find out any more, we'll let you know - all you need now is a mini satellite dish, and of course some batteries.