Sky Gamestar have announced that Eidos' Lara Croft will be jumping her way on to the interactive TV gaming service - the very first 2D platformer to appear on Sky's game service.


Tomb Raider: Apocalypse, Episode 1: The Eye of Osiris, will see Lara finding her way through 10 levels of catacombs and corridors, as she goes on the search to recover the mythical Eye of Osiris, which holds the key to immortality.

The Eye of Osiris will be the first of three episodes to launch on Gamestar, with the next two episodes said to follow during 2003. A "highscore version" will also follow the first episode, which features a huge level specifically designed to be compatible with the Sky Gamepad enhanced functionality.

Each game costs 75p per player session, and is available to all Sky digital subscribers in the UK and Ireland by pressing the red button whilst watching any Sky channel, such as Sky One, and entering the Sky Gamestar service.